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Children's Harbor #COVIDcantstopgood!

The past few months have felt like seventeen years. COVID-19 has cost us greatly. For those we serve, the consequences of this pandemic have been devastating. Lives have been broken; many have been lost. We are witnessing an unparalleled need but we believe that where there is light, there is HOPE and Children's Harbor is a community that was built on the very foundation of hope. Children's Harbor was created for such a time as shine a light into dark places. Our founders believed that children should feel safe and family is worth fighting for and our mission has never been more clear than in this season of darkness and uncertainty:

COVID can’t stop hope.

COVID can’t stop us from loving the people around us



This new world is challenging us to come together in an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Around the world, people will be finding creative ways to support the helpers who are on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19 within their very own community. Children's Harbor hopes you will consider joining us in our vision to "light tomorrow with today"! Every dollar raised through this campaign will go directly to the emergency expenses we have already incurred due to COVID-19. For every $25 gift, we will send you this limited edition, "COVID can't stop good" tee-shirt!